Infrared Thermography

Thermal imaging is a proven, effective tool in both preventative maintenance and repair. Infrared technology allows the viewer to gain awareness of a system’s operating conditions and can provide insight into problems long before failure occurs. No preventative maintenance program is complete without incorporating thermal imaging into the process. Infrared thermography minimizes costly, unplanned downtime, allows plant maintenance to trend wear on equipment to set outage schedules, decreases troubleshooting downtime and provides comparison data to aide in identifying problems. 

Using our thermal imaging camera we can view thermal signatures of electrical systems, motors, transformers, pulleys, belts, or any other moving part to show signs of impending failure. We can also survey buildings, piping systems, duct systems, vessels, and insulation systems to show heat loss or leakage. 

Once images are taken, we can use those to develop full reports of findings and recommendations. These reports can be built to suit each application and can be delivered electronically or as a bound document. We are Snell Group trained and are certified in thermography. 

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